About Us


Hi dear, here's Tina and Micaela from NeatHair!

In this brief letter we just wanted to explain to you how we came up with a hair product that has allowed us to fulfill more than 20.000 customers' assorted needings all over the world!

Let me explain...

Everything begins 15 years ago, when me and my dearest friend Micaela, driven by the passion for the wide world of hair styling, opened a Hair Salon in our city.

Since that day, we kept doing what we loved with resourcefulness and hard work.

But what really made the difference for our success was...

Our boundless curiosity.

Even today, when I'm chatting with my guests at the salon, I can't stress enough how fundamental curiosity was for me and Micaela.

Curiosity has allowed us to perfectly understand the most common and the most unusual problems that bothered our broad family both online and in real life.

From there we could actually create a solution accordingly to the needing and, after years of studying, experiencing and testing, we came up with what we believe to be the next revolution in hair styling products.

I want to personally thank you for spending your time reading our brief story… as you can see we poured our heart out for this, making the Stick affordable and suited to everyone. 

Thank you, 

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